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Al-Ansar Mosque Kindergarten

About Us

Mosque-Based Kindergarten offers a stimulating and inspiring educational experience, filled with teaching tools and qualified professionals that are very passionate and committed to realizing your child’s full potential.

Our curriculum adopts the best education methodologies from the secular institutions and integrates them with the values of morality and interpersonal relationships and family bonding of the more traditional Asian experiences.

The integrated programme that we put great emphasis on embraces a holistic and interdisciplinary approach which promotes the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and creative development of the child.  The process of implementation is carefully crafted with the child’s interest and potential being our main consideration and skills in age-appropriate and meaningful themes.

Classroom-based teaching, enhanced with practical excursions and trips that translate into imparting positive values and knowledge geared to preparing them to be P1 ready is our ultimate objective.

We envisage a graduate K2 child, beaming with confidence after going through a well-balanced, comprehensive, stimulating and inspiring learning experience, ready to continue to develop his/her potential as each child enters the mainstream secular school or chooses to enter the full time Madrasah.

Sessions Timing

Our Kindergarten runs pre-school classes for children aged 4 to 6 years old.

AM Session Monday – Thursday: 8am – 12pm

Friday:                        8am – 10am

PM Session Monday – Thursday: 1.30pm – 5.30pm

Friday:                         10am – 12pm

Our Vision

Towards a safe and enriching early childhood learning experience that inspires.

Our Mission

  1. To inspire children’s passion for Learning and Innovation.
  2. To provide quality Pre-school Education.
  3. To develop highly driven and competent Early Childhood Professionals.
  4. To collaborate with Parents and Community and Partners in the Early Childhood Education.

Our Core Values (I.S.L.A.M)

Love for Learning
Mutual Respect


In Al-Ansar Mosque Kindergarten, we embrace the integrated-thematic approach to teaching and learning. 

  • This approach balances the child’s needs with his/her interests and abilities and focuses on each child as an individual in a community environment.
  • Every aspect of a child’s development will be recognised and valued.
  • We will not only impart knowledge and skills but will also guide each child in developing positive learning dispositions.
  • Co-operative learning is promoted as children work together on short or long-term projects.

Your child’s learning will include:

  • Thematic Studies
  • Language & Literacy (Malay, Arabic & English)
  • Phonics
  • Mathematical Concepts
  • Practical Sciences
  • Character Building from Hadith
  • Social Studies / Moral Education
Downloadable Registration Form

Kindly download the necessary registration form:

During interview, we will need a hardcopy of this completed registration form.

  • You may download, print and bring the completed hardcopy during the day of interview.
  • You may  download, complete and email this form before the day of interview.
    Please email to kindergarten@alansar.mosque.sg .
2021 Orientation Slides

Kindly click here to view the slides.

Downloadable GIRO Form

Click HERE to download GIRO Form.

Parents may print and fill up the necessary information.

Upon completion, please submit hardcopy of the original document to Al-Ansar Mosque Front Office at Level 1.

For any enquiries, please email to kindergarten@alansar.mosque.sg .

Downloadable Parent Support Group (PSG) Form

In our Mosque-Based Kindergarten, we encourage parents to participate in workshops specially designed by Trainer Specialists for parents and also be part of the Parent Support Group.  We believe in a proactive working partnership with parents and the community, to enable us to extract the full potential of the children in our Kindergarten.

Click HERE to download Parent Support Group (PSG) Form.

Parents may download and fill in necessary information directly through this form.

Upon completion, submit pdf form to kindergarten@alansar.mosque.sg .

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