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Corporate Development

Corporate Development (CD)

Organisational Development

The unit focuses on organisational changes and performance to ultimately bring the mosque’s service quality to greater heights. For our stakeholders as the end-users to enjoy a better experience with any service provided by the mosque, developing its internal people is the first and foremost priority as they are the main drivers in creating changes.

Human Resource

The progression of the Human Resource (HR) function gives assurance to the fact that people are an organisation’s most significant asset.

The 5 core functions of the Human Resource department are staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labour relations.

In Al-Ansar, staff welfare is critical because it boosts staff morale and confidence for the employer is sincerely interested in their overall well-being and not just for the benefit of the organisation.


Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications play a vital role to effectively create awareness of the mosque initiatives and provide clear, right information to every member of the community, internally or externally.

Despite the technological advancements, we are committed to employ possible available means to be relevant and more importantly to be able to create more impactful programmes, activities and services for the stakeholders.