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aLIVE – Learning Islamic Values Everyday

The aLIVE programmes are developed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) as part of its continuous improvement efforts towards excellence in structured part time Islamic Education for the young.

aLIVE seeks to provide a national baseline Islamic Education curriculum for all young Muslims, 5-20 years old to help them face life’s challenges and remain true to their Muslim identity in a multi religious, multi ethnic society and globalised world.

This is to meet the needs of the ever-changing landscape in the field of education and to provide the best for the children.

aLIVE Madrasah @ Al-Ansar Mosque

The aLIVE programmes aim to develop soleh/ solehah (pious/ righteous) children who are nurtured with taqwa (God-consciousness) and good akhlak (character), knowledgeable in Islam, become practicing Muslims, and show care and concern towards others.

Kids, Tweens, Teens & Youth aLIVE Programmes at Al-Ansar Mosque have been actively reaching out to the residence of Bedok and nearby neighbourhood children and teenagers. The aLIVE Madrasah Department @ Al-Ansar Mosque is striving to provide the best quality education that is relevant to the community and fulfils their needs.

aLIVE Madrasah at Al-Ansar Mosque allows the children to familiarise themselves with the mosque environment. During prayer times, they will be able to join the jama’ah. This will cultivate a sense of belonging to the mosque in each and every child.

Kids aLIVE (5 to 8 years old)


This programme provides an introduction to Islam. Students are exposed to the basics of Islam, especially in Aqidah, to anchor their beliefs from a young age.


  • Develop the love for Allah s.w.t. and Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.
  • Refer to the Sahabahs and Prophets as examples
  • Know what is right (Ma’ruf) and what is wrong (Munkar)
  • Developed the habits to perform solat and good deeds appropriate to their age.
  • Articulate what they have learnt
  • Love their families, friends, teachers and school
  • Be able to express and appreciate the beauty of Allah’s creations
  • Be able to recognize Arabic letters and read and write basic Arabic


  • PLAY as the central approach to learning
  • Thematic learning of Islamic values and practices
  • Developmentally and age-appropriate lessons on Islam
  • Role modelling as an important element of value based learning
  • A multi-sensory approach to inquire, try, see, do, share and reflect
  • A learning environment that is safe, fun, attractive and motivating
  • Teacher’s and parent’s observation of children’s learning and development
  • Smaller teacher to children ratio

For more info on Kids aLIVE Programme at Al-Ansar Mosque, please email to alive_madrasah@alansar.mosque.

Tweens aLIVE (9 to 12 years old)


This programme builds on students’ existing knowledge of Islam from the previous programme. Students are guided on understanding and carrying out responsibilities as a Muslim, so that they will be prepared to face the challenges of pre-teen life.



  • Distinguish right from wrong
  • Possess good akhlak
  • Understand, appreciate and practice the Pillars of Islam (Arkanul Islam)
  • Have a deeper understanding of Aqidah and Pillars of Iman (Arkanul Iman)
  • Read the Al-Qur’an well, memorise and appreciate the general meaning of selected surahs


  • Holistic development learning (age appropriate and thematic)
  • Integrated learning (religious and life skills)
  • Value Based Learning (moral and character building)
  • Active learning (hands on activity & project-based learning)
  • Supporting learning (home and family support)
  • Interactive Learning

For more info on Tweens aLIVE Programme at Al-Ansar Mosque, please email to alive_madrasah@alansar.mosque.sg

Teens aLIVE (13 to 16 years old)


This programme reinforces Islamic values and builds on students’ existing knowledge of Islam. It also provides a platform for students to discuss Islamic perspectives on issues like identity, entertainment, relationships and other relevant areas concerning teens.


  • Acquire a confident Muslim teen identity with strong Islamic moral character
  • Learn, appreciate and manifest Islamic values and teachings appropriate for Muslim teens
  • Develop passion for learning and Al-Qur’an-companionship
  • Emulate exemplary spirit of Islam from great Muslim personalities and Islamic heritage


  • Active and collaborative learning as the central approach
  • Thematic learning of Islamic values, practices and life skills
  • Developmentally and age appropriate lessons on Islam
  • Multisensory approach to learning
  • A learning environment that is fun, friendly, exciting and motivating
  • Effective evaluation techniques on programme outcomes
  • Providing role models for teens to emulate 

For more info on Teens aLIVE Programme at Al-Ansar Mosque, please email to  alive_madrasah@alansar.mosque.sg

Youth aLIVE (17 to 18 years old)


This programme provides a variety of modules for youths with different background and interests. It also provides an opportunity for youths with minimal or no formal Islamic education background to “catch up” via the “Revisit Series”.


  • Acquire sufficient knowledge on the practices and creed of Islam
  • Differentiate between correct and incorrect teachings
  • Do basic research on Islamic teachings and practices
  • Be enlightened about Islamic history and civilisation and be able to relate to the pearls of wisdom within
  • Internalise the values and moral teachings of Islam into every aspect of life


  • Primer Series
    – Qur’an & Qur’anic Sciences
    – Hadits and Hadits Sciences
    – Fiqh & Fiqh Sciences
  • Revisit Series
    – Islamic Beliefs
    – Islamic Practices
  • Elective Series
    – Camp Prepare (NS Prep)
    – Muslim Thinkers & Islamic Thought
    – Qur’anic Arabic
    – Islamic Civilisation

For more info on Youth aLIVE Programme at Al-Ansar Mosque, please email to  alive_madrasah @alansar.mosque.sg

After graduation from the Youth aLIVE Programme, students may choose to further their structured Islamic education at PERGAS’ Sijil Lanjutan Pengajian Islam (SLPI) [Advanced Certificate in Islamic Studies] programme. A memorandum of understanding was signed between MUIS and PERGAS which allows Youth aLIVE graduates fast-track entry to PERGAS’ SLPI and be exempted from the 1-2 years Sijil Pengajian Islam (SPI). However, do note that the medium of instruction is in Malay and students are required to sit for the Arabic Language module.