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Assalamualaikum wr wb


Like previous years, we are pleased to announce that Korban order is now open. You may choose Korban either in Australia or Myanmar.

Selling price for Korban in Australia is $325.00/sheep. The slaughtering will be done in Australian, and the chilled meat will be flown to Singapore.

You may opt for a portion for yourself i.e. full, 2/3 or 1/3, and it will be sent right to your doorstep on a stipulated date and time. And if you choose to contribute a portion or a whole to the mosque, it will be prioritised for our Zakat beneficiaries.

Another location of Korban is Rohingya, Myanmar. The selling prices are $220.00/goat for a person, and $930.00/cattle for 7 persons. The slaughtering and distribution of meat will be done in Rohingya, Myanmar. The meat will be prioritised for the needy therein.

Place your order here:

1) Korban in Australia